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The Game of Thrones series has ended, but the legacy lives on. HBO and Diageo have teamed up to create a collection of Game of Thrones-inspired single malt scotch whisky. Game of Thrones Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Aged 15 Years currently has eight bottles, and the ninth is on the way.

In a press release about the liquor, it says that the collection, “pays tribute to the fate of Westeros, whose long-held Seven Kingdoms ultimately became six at the conclusion of the show’s climactic battle for the Iron Throne.” They also describe the inspiration behind the packaging:

“Encased in a metallic gold cannister that features an intricate pen and ink drawing of the three-eyed raven, seen throughout the eight seasons of the series, the Six Kingdoms packaging pays homage to the last Greenseer and the independence of the North, which stands alone under The Queen in the North, leaving a reconfigured landscape known as The Six Kingdoms.”

Jeff Peters, Vice President of Licensing & Retail at HBO, discussed the final bottle by saying, “Eight fantastic scotches toasted the coming of the final season of the show, and we now look back on the most captivating television show of all time and raise a ninth glass in celebration.”

Game of Thrones Six Kingdoms – Mortlach Aged 15 Years will be available in December in 750ml bottles for $150.