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Let’s talk about the “sticky world” that we live in. For years I was what you call an apple power user. I’d go from my iPhone to my iPad and then back to my iPhone and my iPad. The devices followed me everywhere I went: my car…in the house…even to bed at night (I was watching TV on the tablet).  That’s the concept of a sticky world when it comes to electronics. The upside for certain brands is a fierce loyalty that almost borders on fear. You’re not afraid of what the manufacturer’s going to do, you’re afraid that if you leave to check out another platform you’ll miss something. It’s like digital FOMO

So I’ll admit when I started test driving the Google Pixel 4 XL phone I was a bit nervous. I spent more time wondering about what I was missing and less time focused on what the phone could really do. But a strange thing happened. I came to realize I’m a Google power user who was connected to Apple devices. So why wouldn’t a Google pixel phone be the perfect choice? It’s like buying a Porsche and then putting a Hellcat motor in it, you can do it but it really doesn’t make any sense.

A Phone Made the Google Way | Introducing Google Pixel 4

What Happens when the makers of the world's most helpful software make a phone? You get a lot more than a phone. You get a Google Pixel 4. A phone made the Google way. Google's most helpful phone yet gets the best photos every time, any time.

The first question I get about the Google phone is always the camera. How good is it? Is it better than the iPhone? Now I previously (yes, you’ll note I wrote previously) had an iPhone X and it had a pretty damn good camera… But the phone on the Pixel 4XL is better. I noticed clear photos even with really low light and the ease of editing makes it a no-brainer if you’re looking for a camera phone. Here’s a picture of my cat Bear sleeping…which is shocking (lol). This was taken with the night light feature on…notice the detail. 

Voice calls are easy and sound great. Battery life is adequate and I don’t have a problem with Android Auto. The screen itself looks fantastic and I’ll be honest:  I’m still learning a lot of the features on the Google Pixel phone. But that’s okay because I realize I’ve got the right device for a Google power user. I write most my documents on Google Drive I send almost all my email on Gmail. So why wouldn’t I use this phone? 


Bottom line: Did I trade one sticky environment for another? Absolutely. But im okay with it – because I prefer the Google world over Apple. I’m happy I’ve been introduced to the Pixel 4 XL phone. It just makes sense.


  • Review from Big Jim O’Brien (@wcsxjim)