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It’s the dark, cold, gloomy time of year.  In some cities that’s kind of a bummer, and in other cities it means all-out misery…

A new study ranked the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. from the most to least GLOOMY.  The rankings are based on the percentage of cloud cover, average hours of daylight, and total number of rainy days.

And this probably isn’t a huge surprise . . . but Seattle was named the gloomiest city in the country.  Portland, Oregon came in second.

The rest of the 10 gloomiest cities are:  Buffalo, New York . . . Cleveland . . . Pittsburgh . . . Detroit . . . Columbus, Ohio . . . Milwaukee . . . Chicago . . . and Boston.

The five big cities that are the least gloomy are:  Phoenix . . . Las Vegas . . . Riverside, California . . . Los Angeles . . . and San Diego.

Check out the full list here:

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As we near the winter months, some areas of the country are affected by the changing seasons more than others. We've determined the Gloomiest Places in America, and the Pacific Northwest won't be happy about it.