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Harrison/Getty Images)

Disney+ users beware: The streaming service may have a hacking problem. According to ZDNet, an investigation revealed that  hackers have been hijacking Disney+ accounts since the day the streaming service launched. They explain, “Many of these accounts are now being offered for free on hacking forums, or available for sale for prices varying from $3 to $11.”

Users on social media were complaining about this Disney+ problem on social media.

Gizmodo explains that hackers could have gained access to accounts by using email and password combos that were already compromised in the past. A way to prevent this problem is to create unique passwords for each website or app login. Another factor contributing to hacking is that the Disney+ credentials could have been obtained from users already infected with info-stealing malware.

Disney+ released a statement about the issue, saying, “Disney takes the privacy and security of our users’ data very seriously and there is no indication of a security breach on Disney+.”