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Here are some of the dating trends you need to look out for next year. 

 The hardest part about dating today isn’t finding someone to go out with . . . it’s keeping up with all the new vocabulary terms used to DESCRIBE dating today.

The dating app Plenty of Fish just put together their predictions for dating trends in 2020 . . . and, basically, it’s all made-up terms.  Check ’em out . . .

Cause-playing . . . where a casual relationship ends, but the person eventually circles back to ask for a favor, like going to their band’s show or supporting their Kickstarter.  61% of people say this has happened to them.

Eclipsing . . . where you adopt the interests and hobbies of the person you’re dating and pretend you’ve always liked them too.  45% of people have done this.

White clawing . . . where you stay with someone you find boring only because you find them attractive.  27% of people have done this.

Yellow carding . . . when you call out someone for their bad dating etiquette. 27% of people have done this.

Dial toning . . . it’s like pre-emptive ghosting, where someone gives you their number, then ignores every call and text you ever send.  60% of people have had this happen to them, and 35% have done it to someone else.