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Couple of weeks ago I wrote a review about SUVs and said they’re like belly buttons everybody’s got one but nobody notices. So when the Cadillac XT-6 showed up to review I kind of grumbled. It’s smaller than an Escalade but bigger than a XT5 – it’s just another belly button.


First couple of days driving it I have that in the back of my mind the whole time. But then something happened, I began to really use the XT-6 folding down the third row to pick up laundry, taking longer drives on the freeway with family, using it as a daily work car/SUV/belly button.


So what happened? I didn’t want to give it back at the end of the week... That’s the highest compliment I can give a car I’m reviewing. It’s not just another SUV, it’s a Cadillac SUV. I came to really respect the idea behind it: it rides like a Cadillac, it feels like a Cadillac without the giant size of an Escalade.

It’s a weird and interesting time here in Detroit when it comes to reviewing vehicles are roads are all being torn up to be repaired simultaneously…no really. You come to find out pretty quick which cars can handle rough roads and which ones can’t the XT-6 was Cadillac smooth even on these crap things that we call a road in Michigan.

Now to be honest to the third row in the XT-6 is going to be folded down when you go on any trip and the storage in the back (if you keep the third row up) really isn’t enough for a family of four but that’s okay when you’re going to dinner with friends or taking a day trip somewhere (or just going to the store) that third row works fine…love the electronic assist as well. 


What’s the old saying you can’t judge a book by its cover? I guess when it comes to SUVs you can’t compare everyone to a belly button. I really enjoy driving the XT-6 to the point that I came to love it. I just hope people don’t think of it as another belly button and give it a chance.

Review from Big Jim O’Brien (twitter @wcsxjim)