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A dog in Missouri escaped without injuries, but might need some counseling after this…

AShih Tzu mix named Stonewall Brown, was taking a nap in its family’s home when the Roomba attack occurred, according to the Police Department. “The incident was easy to find as you could hear the chorus of a screaming mother, an upset newborn and a yelping canine within a significant radius of the residence,” a rep for the department wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, Stonewall Brown wasn’t fully sucked in; the robotic cleaner had snagged the pooch by the tail and pulled in only its back half before becoming hopelessly clogged. Both Stonewall Brown and the Roomba are OK, police say.

Police called to help after Robot vacuum sucks up dog's tail

The Shih Tzu-mix named Stonewall Brown got its tail sucked up by the robot vacuum while taking a nap in the family's home.