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If you’re driving in this area, watch out for the Gardner White cop…

If online posts and watercooler chatter are any indicator, the “Gardner White cop” is one of the most notorious police officers in Metro Detroit, although Taylor’s police chief says there are several cops armed with radar guns who sit in the Gardner White Furniture store parking lot on Telegraph near Interstate 94…

The spot for years has been flagged by word of mouth and on social media as a “speed trap” where cops pick off motorists to increase revenue, although Taylor police Chief John Blair insists: “Money means nothing to me. My job is to make people safe.”

“I understand about budgets and things like that, but that’s not my concern,” Blair said. “My department doesn’t get any of that (ticket) money. Our goal is to write zero tickets, but that’s not realistic.”

Here is the full story:

Telegraph Road's 'Gardner White cop' and 'speed trap' earn infamy

Taylor - Jamal Fatteh was driving southbound on Telegraph Road three years ago when he said he sped up to change lanes - and was nabbed by the infamous "Gardner White cop." "I wasn't doing more than five miles over the speed limit for just a few seconds when I switched lanes, and he pulls me over," said Fatteh, 44, of Dearborn Heights.