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Amanda Johns has used Elf on the Shelf for the last three years to entertain her youngest daughter, seven-year-old Tegan, but this year she has stepped her game up…

Amanda has gotten her 16 year old son to play along and get his hands dirty. Amanda got her son to pose like he was asleep, Amanda shaved the word ‘elf’ onto the back of his head and put the elf next to him for a photo. Little Tegan saw the photo in the morning and freaked out.

That isn’t the only thing Amanda and her son have done with the Elf, check out some of the other photos:


Mum Shaves Teen Son's Head And Blames Elf On The Shelf

(Photo: Caters)

Credit: Caters

(Photo: Caters)

Amanda says she plans everything out a week in advance and plans to keep doing it.


Image Credit: Caters