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Hi there! It’s me, Donielle Flynn. On behalf of Joel Morgan, Steven the Cameraman and myself, Happy New Year to you and thank you for supporting us on so many amazing adventures in 2019.

I asked Joel and Steven to give me their top 3 videos for the year and why they liked them. They completely screwed it up. Joel sent me the worst text ever and gets an F. Steven was actually very detailed and thorough, but his top pick was a video from 2018 because he loves bringing up the time Joel ran Steven over with an electric bike… so Steven gets a D-.

Here’s Joel’s text: “My favorite videos of the year: fox 2, Greenfield village model t, pix theatre Addams family Halloween, Yankee airforce /Doni as Rosie, w/the queen at ren cen fest, camels &sloths& giraffes, oh my!  KISS  and tigers opening day, too..And then the top five viewed by are also my favorite… Thx for all, always! Joel”

WTH? Top THREE?!? Can you count? No links… no explanations just… that. So Joel’s top 3 videos were kinda chosen by me along with what I think Joel would say about them.


# 1 Southfield: Fox 2 

“When Deena Centofanti first entered the room, my mouth fell open and I completely ignored… what’s her name? Oh yeah, Doni.  Even though Doni talked a bunch about starting the video by saying, ‘This just in,’ I decided to do my own thing when we went live cause… Deena Centofanti was there and I wanted to show her my management skills and ability for bossing people around.  I’m pretty sure I rocked the suit jacket/VH board shorts look and Fox 2 should be calling me in 2020 to tell me about my new gig with them.  Fox 2… where the legs tell the story.”

#2 Lambertville: Indian Creek Zoo

“I found out how often a sloth drops a deuce and made Hump Day jokes before I fed a camel by holding a carrot in my mouth so yeah, it was a great day.”

#3 Holly: The Michigan Renaissance Festival

“I mentioned a video we took with the Queen, but that was a 10 second video on Instagram, so I decided to pick the first trip City of the Week made to Holly before the festival opened.  Doni and I dressed up in costume (thanks Sutton’s!) and naturally, I was a jester. I like the 3D technology I used in the opening sequence.”


Doni’ notes: Steven’s number one video of 2019 is from 2018.  After we shot Steven’s Number two pick, I put Steven on super secret probation for his actions (I am so sorry Varsity… you are wonderful people). Video pick three, I totally remember Bruce and so does Joel. Steven’s copy is unedited and completely Steven.

Number 1 (My favorite) 

Please read this like Keith Morrison on Dateline, It’ll make more sense.

It was a bright sunny day on may 10, 2018. The gang had a longer drive than usual because they were headed to a really fun place. Pinckney Michigan was their destination, it was day 4 of their visit to the small town. On this day City of the week was going to feature bikes at exotic sportz. Now these weren’t your average bikes, they were electric or as Joel The Pinckney dude Morgan put it “it’s the bike of the future!” Yes these bikes were indeed futuristic, they featured a pretty fast motor as Cameraman Steven will soon find out. Now the gang talked and figured it would be kinda funny to end the video with Joel driving near Steven. defines “near” as within or to a short distance. Near is not in Joels dictionary so when he came around for our little stunt, he hit the gas and drove right over poor cameraman Steven. The video ended up being very informative about the city and was extremely funny. So it’s my number one!!!

Number 2 (second favorite)

This one had me smiling through the whole video. March 7, 2019 in the city of Wixom! We did a test drive at a dealership and Doni was driving. Obviously I put a little to much Stevencharm. Don’t get me wrong, this was one of the funniest ones. Ben laughed so I think it worked out.

Number 3 

August 20th, 2018 is the day we met Bruce. Doni and Joel won’t remember him, but he sat next to them while we did a live video. He didn’t want to be interviewed and was very open about not having a favorite movie. We can all learn from Bruce as he sat there eating various foods. He didn’t do or say much, but he was a big part of the video. 

Well thanks for that, my man children.


Rochester Hills: Yate’s Cider Mill

This is the stuff I LOVE… True Michigan history!  Yate’s has been there since the 1800’s and the process is mostly still the same.  It was awesome watching the cider making process powered mostly by water and Matt power.

Dearborn: Greenfield Village 

I love this video for several reasons. Henry Ford’s attention to detail was unreal and amazing.  He plucked buildings from around the country and brought them here… building with connections to the greatest minds of the times. The staff was great and knowledgeable. And… I brought my son, Jake, on this adventure which was the best. 

Milan: Milan Dragway 

This video is the best (with the exception of Joel being unable to join us this day). My bother-in-law, Ron, brought his car out to race Steven in the Rockin’ Ride. Hilarious!