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Some minor plumping issues are back for Producer Ryan, but it had us thinking about to a few years ago and a story that got a lot of attention in Detroit… 

Remember the house that froze?

A few years ago a home in the Boston-Edison Historic District turned into a giant icicle formation after a pipe burst inside. The owner said a pipe on the third floor of the home burst causing water to cascade through the walls and into the basement. The water quickly froze.

E. T. Williamson’s home at West Boston and 14th Street in Detroit sits damaged after a water pipe burst, causing water to freeze inside and outside the home.


All my furniture, my couches, the stove, my son’s 4-year-old Kawasaki motorcycle, everything is destroyed,” the owner said.

“All of my suits, my shoes, and my wife’s clothes. It’s gone. My grandkids and my grown kids lost clothes and computers. We lost everything.”