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What would you do if you found thousands of dollars in a piece of furniture you bought…

Howard Kerby likes to shop at the Habitat for Humanity Store in Owosso.

Back in December he purchased a couch from the store for his man cave, but this weekend he made a shocking discovery.

the couch cushion was filled with 43,170 dollars! He daughter made the discovery after Howard told her the chair was a little uncomfortable.

Kerby said he didn’t feel right keeping the money. So he reached out to the store to find out who had donated the couch.

It turns out, it was Kim Fauth-Newberry.

The couch originally belonged to her grandfather, who died last year.

Kirby said he could’ve used the money – he needs a new roof badly – but he feels better knowing the money is in the rightful hands.

“I always thought what would I do if that ever happened and now I know, and it makes me feel good,” Kirby said.