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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: (L-R) Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of music group Aerosmith perform onstage during the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

The below opinions are: A) opinions B) mine. I tried to give full coverage, but it’s from my perspective.  No offense is intended to any genre of music, but I love rock first and foremost, so fully realize that I am jaded before reading.

Lizzo opened with a big set of pipes and a lot of dress. The flute was unexpected… she was really good. I didn’t love that she wrapped by saying, “Welcome to the Grammy’s, bitch,” but ok, that happened.

Alicia Keys opened the show talking about Kobe Bryant.  This news being so fresh and raw, it’s got to be rough when someone dies like this and no one has had a chance to remotely process their feelings.

Dirty secret: I love The Jonas Brothers. No, YOU shut up.  Whatta man gotta do?

Tyler the Creator: WTH just happened? That shaking camera effect made me sick. City of the Week’s Steven the Cameraman shakes less.  Granted, this effect was intentional, but it was also a bit much.

What is the deal with masks and full face make up at the Grammy’s? Is this the new thing?

The Prince tribute really focused a bit long on pole dancing, but no one seemed to complain.  I do love me some Prince.

Camila Cabello… well, prepare to hear that “First man who ever loved me” song at every wedding for the daddy/daughter dance for the next two years. #smart

Tonya Tucker: no thank you.

Dave’s not here man.  Dave Chappelle got a comedy award but wasn’t there to accept… so Tonya Tucker did and called him “Jay.”

Why do they always make us wait for rock awards? 90 minutes in and not a trace of rock. #annoyed

Arianna Grande performs…. and busts out into “A Few of My Favorite Things” with an orchestra… then cue the lingerie and bedroom scene. WTH is going on? Her lyrics include “you like my hair?” Please make this stop. This is so boring and dumb… I can only assume I feel this way because I’m old. Where is Aerosmith? Please save me, Steven Tyler.

Billie Eilish: there’s a lot of buzz around this 18 year old. All I can focus on is her giant green nails.  She does have a great voice… and giant nails. To my understanding, she wears baggy clothes so she can’t be judged or sexualized.

THANK GOD! 101 minutes later, Aerosmith hits the stage… opening with “Living on the Edge.”  Huh.  Steven Tyler is not… on his peek vocal. IMHO. Into “Walk this Way.”  And here comes Run DMC. Well @#!%. They sound like crap too. Does anyone know this song in the crowd? Answer: no.  That just made me feel old AF. Side note: the fill in drummer looks a decent amount like Joey Kramer. Here’s the performance:

Aerosmith & Run DMC - Living On The Edge & Walk This Way (LIVE) - GRAMMY AWARDS 2020

Toutes les vidéos des GRAMMY AWARDS 2020 : Alicia Keys présente les GRAMMY AWARDS pour la seconde année consécutive, après avoir déjà brillé dans ce rôle en 2019 sur la scène des Grammy. Qui de Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande ou encore Lady Gaga raflera le plus de prix ?

Ellen DeGeneres: new haircut really shows off her ears.

Cage the Elephant wins for Rock Album of the Year… Gary Clark Jr. scored Rock Song and Rock Performance for “This Land.”

“Old Town Road” well this song was huge. Lil Nas X is pretty fun, I must admit.  I like what they did with the performance… a revolving set with doors that he kept walking through and a ton of different artists from different genre.  Definitely a highlight.

There seem to be a mind blowing amount of commercials in this event. JS. One stand out: Dunkin Donuts / Snoop dog commercial.

Dunkin's New Beyond Sausage Sandwich & Snoop Dogg

Uploaded by Beyond Meat on 2019-11-07.

Demi Lovato: clearly emotional. I really feel that she does any amazing job of baring her soul in certain songs and this was one of them: “Anyone.”  Can’t crack on her. She was truly amazing and connected to the crowd.

Nice tribute to Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant.

I like the Spanish number.  Rosalia is a really strong performer. But again, the giant nails. Like an inch and a half long. How can you do anything with nails that long? This is running long too… is that the new thing? Performances are all collaborations and 7 minutes long?

Song of the Year: “Bad Guy” – Billie Eilish  Must be nice to accepting a Grammy at 18.  She was really humble about it.  Seriously, she and her brother seem like decent people judging by their acceptance speech.

Alicia Keys has mostly annoyed me tonight, but when she performs, I can’t help but love it.  She has a beautiful voice and emotional connection with the audience that I respect.

Omg. Finally at 10:58, Ozzy and Sharon presenters for the best rap performance.  Rap artists do not look amused, but Sharon did pull it off.  Ozzy looked good and sounded good for the five words he said which were, “Has it been that long.” He did seem to struggle walking and is using a cane.

After the winner accepted and Sharon and Ozzy awkwardly stayed up and then introduced the next performer, H.E.R

Best new artist and Best Album and Record of the Year: Billie Eilish… she’s having a good night.

Dude. It’s late and I’ve realized that rock’s presence is over on the Grammy Awards.  I don’t know why I get my hopes up that the Grammy’s will have a strong rock presence. I guess that’s what the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is for.  I kid. I kid.