Big Jim’s Garage

Did he do this on purpose? The driver of what appears to be a silver Mercedes E-class eluded police in Fresno, California, after refusing to pull over. The car was swerving, which caught officers’ attention. After calling off the chase for safety reasons, the police watched incredulously—narrating all the while on their radios—as the sedan raced to over 100 mph and drove off a cliff facing the San Joaquin river. Here’s what it looks like from that side of the river (note the elevation change – it’s a lot lower on the other side):

Incredibly, officers reported seeing a plume of dust on the opposite bank, some 400 feet away. Indications are that the car’s speed is both what helped it clear the river’s width and what made its touchdown on the opposite bank so violent. From appearances and police statements, the Mercedes landed roof-first before coming to a rest upright on its wheels….unfortunately the driver did NOT survive the jump so we’ll never know what he was thinking…was this planned? Did he know the road was ending? Here’s a report from the local TV station that includes some of the audio from the police involved in the chase – click here