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In this June 15, 2018 photo, cash is fanned out from a wallet in North Andover, Mass. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

A woman from North Carolina is under some heat after keeping money that she found in a parking lot…

A man reportedly put an envelope containing $800 on the hood of his truck when a burst of wind blew the cash into the air, scattering it around the parking lot. Officials said a woman in a truck pulled into the lot, gathered the cash and left, all caught on surveillance camera.

Now the woman is speaking out defending herself saying, “she found about 200 bucks and that she’s been unfairly singled out”

Lowery claims “I looked around to see, there was nobody around nowhere. Like I made sure I was trying to find somebody that the money belong to, me and my mother both, but there was nobody around,” she said. “So what would anybody else do, it was blowing in the wind!”

Like I did not steal nothing and they’re trying to say that they’re going to arrest me over that?” said Lowery. “What did I do?”