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The Daily Mail claims a 90 year-old man from Victoria, Australia was recently given six months of probation for mowing his neighbor down with his mobility scooter…

Frank Martin drove his scooter into his 90 year-old neighbor before riding off. The neighbor was injured and taken to a clinic for treatment.

Martin denied assaulting his neighbor and said they do silly things and act like 16 year-olds. He was taken to court where a judge gave him six of months probation.

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90-year-old Victorian man runs down neighbour in a mobility scooter

Elderly man swerves his mobility scooter to knock his neighbour down 'Even though we are both 90-year-olds, we act like 16-year-olds' he told police Given six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded Magistrate says: 'You can't go mowing people down on your scooter' A 90-year-old man deliberately mowed down his elderly neighbour in a mobility scooter - and later told police it was because they act like 16-year-olds.