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(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

A mom in Florida got into it with a river otter after it attacked her dog and got inside their house…

An otter in Florida learned not to mess with mom when it attacked her 17-year-old and her dog inside their house.

The daughter let the family’s  dog out on the back porch then she heard fighting coming from the porch.

“I sprinted to the backdoor, and I was like, ‘Scooter!’ All I saw was like a big, black ball, just all over the place. So, he stumbled in the door, and I tried to shut it as fast as possible but then the otter got stuck”

The mother said  “I snatched it by the tail, and then, I held it up like a prize. The otter’s going crazy. It was clawing at me and grabbing on to the backs of the furniture in my house.”

Casina Ewert realizes tackling an aggressive otter in her home may not have been the smart thing to do, but her motherly instinct took over.

Florida mom tackles otter after it attacks daughter, dog inside home

"My husband's like, 'Case, you just alligator-wrangled an otter in the living room,'" Casina Ewert said.