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ACrossFit couple held a deadlift contest and much more during their CrossFit-inspired wedding. 

CrossFit couple Caleb and Ericka Sommer were planning their wedding when they knew there could only be one theme…

We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities: hungry, outgoing and a little bit crazy,” Ericka told PopSugar. “So our officiant fed me fried chicken and then we did shots of pre-workout with our guests. He knew I’d be hungry if we stood too long in our 20-minute ceremony, so he brought me a snack.”

The couple made sure their wedding reflected their love of fitness and gave their guests plenty of unique memories.They had a Jell-O-eating contest, paying tribute to their tendency to competitively eat when dining out together). The spectacle concluded with a deadlift competition.

MY BRIDE. Pretty easy choice in my opinion

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These CrossFitters Had a Deadlift Contest at Their Wedding, and the Photos Are Epic

I can 99.9 percent guarantee you've never witnessed a wedding quite like Ericka and Caleb Sommer's. The CrossFit-loving Colorado couple, who wed in 2019, incorporated their passions for food and fitness into every moment of their wedding day, from hosting a weightlifting contest on the dance floor to throwing back shots of pre-workout supplement on the altar.