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If you get pulled over with 70 pounds of weed, make sure you come up with a better story than this guy…

A guy from New York was pulled over in Indiana with 70 pounds of weed in his car and had a great story to justify it…

The large haul, which was found in luggage in the rear of Marcus Allen Molina’s vehicle, is valued at more than $200,000, police said.

After getting pulled over the man addmited he had pot on him but said it was just a “Personal” stash for himself.

Molina was taken into custody at the Porter County Jail and faces charges of dealing and possessing marijuana.

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Valpo cop nabs 70 pounds of pot; driver claimed personal use at first, police say

VALPARAISO - A 26-year-old New York man, who initially told police during a traffic stop that he was carrying a personal stash of marijuana, was later found to be in possession of 70 pounds of the drug, according to Valparaiso police.