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George Hood, a 62-year-old former Marine, recently broke the world record for holding a plank for more than eight hours.

Per Guinness World Records, Hood’s official time was 8 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds. He had previously set the record for “Longest Time in the Plank Position (Male)” in 2013 with a time of 3 hours 7 minutes and 15 seconds, but the record was then broken in 2016 by Mao Weidong of China with 8 hours and 1 minute.

To train for such an attempt, Hood “…underwent several training camps and fitness regiments, including doing 674,000 sit ups, 270,000 push ups and a practice attempt in which he lasted 10 hours and 10 minutes in 2018. In total, he did around 2,100 hours of planking in preparation for this recent attempt.”

Video of Hood earning the record can be seen below.

Longest plank EVER - Guinness World Records

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