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Detroit Dog Rescue had to shut down their volunteer program in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, which leaves dozens of dogs to be cared for by a very limited number of staff members who are allowed in the shelter right now.

The new dog to human ratio, in fact, is just too overwhelming for the workers to be able to properly care for the dogs currently living in the shelter.

Detroit Dog Rescue is now calling on volunteers to temporarily foster a dog in need.

“What we’re struggling with is trying to get dogs into foster homes as soon as possible,”  Kristina Rinaldi, executive director told Fox 2.

There are about 80 dogs, mostly adult and mostly larger breed, that need foster homes because their skeleton staff of eight people isn’t enough.

Detroit Dog Rescue

URGENT ITEMS NEEDED! Our board member, Kenny Walters, will be col... lecting items at his shop, Kenny's Lakes Area Auto Experts in Walled Lake. We know this location isn't close to everyone, but for the time being we've decreased our donation locations for safety reasons. If you can, please help!

“If you can’t adopt a dog we understand but you can still have a dog in your home right now and we have plenty of dogs waiting to go to a home,” she said. “These dogs are really looking for some love and attention and it’s a great way to give back and feel good during such a scary time.”

Be assured that each dog has been screened to make sure they’re safe to bring home.

“Dogs are not carrying COVID-19, they are not spreading COVID-19,” Rinaldi said.

Medical cares and supplies are provided and you can foster a dog as long as you’d like — from one week to six months.

“I think everybody is starting to get depressed right now. There’s a lot of unknown, there’s a lot of uncertainty and it’s hard to stay in our homes. Bring a dog into your home, take them out in the yard. It’s still safe to take them for a walk,” Rinaldi said.

If you would like to help or find out more information, visit the Detroit Dog Rescue website.

Spend your quarantine on the couch with a foster dog from Detroit Dog Rescue

With their volunteer program shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, Detroit Dog Rescue is asking you to open your home to a foster dog in need. "We help during natural disasters - we're prepared for floods and tornadoes, what happens when you don't have the people?" said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director.