Coronavirus – Everything You Need To Know

So, to plan for self-quarantining and the coronavirus pandemic, you stocked up on a few week’s worth of groceries. Now what happens when the food purchased sits in the refrigerator and starts going bad? Fortunately, Buzzfeed has some helpful ways to keep food fresh and lasting longer. Here are some tips:

Take cheese out of the plastic wrap it comes in. Re-wrap it in parchment or cheese paper so it can breathe and last longer.

Put a paper towel in your container of greens. The towel will absorb excess moisture and keep the greens dry.

Take strawberries out of their original packaging and store them in a produce saver container.

Store nut butters upside down to prevent separation

Double-check your refrigerator temperature. If you’re not sure what the right settings/temperatures are, check the manual that came with your fridge model — or look it up online.

If you have leftovers from canned food, transfer them in a separate container.

Don’t wash fruit until you’re about to use it to avoid dampness and mold.

Freeze meat if you don’t plan on cooking it right away.

Read their full list of suggestions here.