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Ozzy Osbourne’s health has been in the news for nearly a year-and-a-half now mostly for unfortunate reasons, but daughter Kelly Osbourne offered up some positive news recently.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly mentioned Ozzy received a stem-cell treatment in Panama recently and said, “Seeing after one treatment of stem cell what has happened and the progress that he’s made is mind-blowing. He wants to get up. He wants to do things. He wants to be part of the world again. He’s walking better. He’s talking better. His symptoms are lessening. He is building the muscle strength back that he needs after his spine surgery.”

She continued, “Everything is starting to fall into place now and it has given us so much hope. We are very grateful to the doctors that are helping him. He’s ready to get out of the house and now he can’t get out of the house. He keeps saying to me, ‘I’ve been on quarantine for almost two years, and now I’m feeling better and the world is on quarantine.'”

Ozzy was scheduled to head to Switzerland this month to receive treatment for Parkinson’s disease, but wife/manager Sharon said on CBS’ The Talk, “We had to cancel our trip to Switzerland. And we were meant to go the eighth of April, but we had to cancel for his treatment. And we’re just hanging in like everybody else. You know, just trying to stay away, and be quiet, and just, you know, hold it in there.”

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