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In honor of National Siblings Day, I’d like to introduce you to my siblings.  We have a group thread via text and we recently exchanged pictures of our current situations…. here we go:

Steve: he loves riding motorcycles and has every cool gadget known to man. Before The Covid Pandemic, he bought a thingy that sanitizes your cell phone using ultraviolet rays… just cuz he thought it was cool. Unbelievable. Also unbelievable, Steve made his mask himself!  I suck at sewing.

Debi: Deb is a NP.  She normally works in Urgent Care, but right now she’s going to hospitals that need help.  She helps the family by giving us reliable info on Covid best practices and she’s the reason our 90 year old mother is still with us.  She is also sewing masks! I need some, but I told her, healthcare workers come first. She made the mask, she’s wearing!
Mary: Don’t judge her by the picture. She is super smart, despite the photo.  Mary also sews and has been making masks for her co-workers.  They returned the favor by making this mask for Mary.  Dude. It can be rough crowd down in Texas.  Mary is the farthest away from us, but she’s very much a part of our lives.  She flies up every three months to see Mom (except for now, obviously).  I go to see her and her partner in Texas once a year.  We always have a blast and it’s so relaxing.
I love my siblings but man, we love to bust on each other. I sent this picture to the text thread because I was excited about picking up my Honey Baked Ham.

My sister, Deb, responded by saying, “I need to make you masks.  You look like you’re wearing a Pull-up on your face.  Don’t go to Walmart. You might end up with your picture on FB.”

I literally replied, “Don’t sugarcoat it.”

The good news is that now Debi and Mary are both making my family some SWEET masks after seeing my pathetic display, but it was all I had, lol.  I believe that masks are a really good idea and could very well help save lives.  Even if mine isn’t perfect, I’m wearing it in public places as long as necessary…. fortunately, my fashion sense will be greatly improved once these babies arrive:

Happy Siblings Day! Thanks for letting me share – share your pictures of you and your siblings below!