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During these hard times, one of the things people miss the most is live or new music, thankfully Tommy Shaw is here to help…

As you’ll see in Tommy’s Message he thought right now was the best time to release his cover of “Going to California”

Quote from Tommy:
After touring behind two Shaw Blades albums we discussed a second album of covers and actually recorded a few more. But we never officially set a project into motion. Styx would soon get back together and hit the road with the Return To Paradise tour. Will Evankovich and I decided to cut “Going To California” and did it at my home studio in the Hollywood Hills.
We recently gave it a listen and when Styx manager Charlie Brusco suggested we release it now to help fill the musical void that the lockdown had created, it suddenly had a new purpose. We had it mastered here in Nashville and created some artwork and got it placed on all the streaming platforms. Robert Plant’s original vocal is stellar but I tried to make it my own while honoring its essence. I hope you enjoy it!
Love you all,
Enjoy this great cover from Tommy Shaw!