Tribute To Teachers – Thank You Shout Outs


 Mrs. Smith – Harlan Elementary in Bloomfield Hills
Nominated by Jessica

Heidi Smith is juggling homeschooling her two kids AND her first grade class.  Harlan Elementary’s 1st grade teachers do an amazing job working together to keep the kids connected and learning.  The school even does announcements every morning!  Heidi and her fellow teachers went by every students house that they could, carrying signs to give the kids virtual hugs and leaving Flat Stanley versions of theme selves so the kids could have their teachers with them!  Heidi and her fellow grade teachers provide the kids with new lessons five days a week and video classroom time twice a week.  She also does lunchbox groups with a few students at a time.  She eats lunch with the kids via video conferencing and they play games to stay connected.  Heidi rocks.

We spoke with the person who nominated Heidi.  Hear the call here.

We also spoke with Heidi, of course! Hear the call here.