Tribute To Teachers – Thank You Shout Outs


 Rob Gilders. He’s an English teacher at Hazel Park High School.
Nominated by Randy

Rob Gilders philosophy on teaching begins with teaching his students.  High school kids can be a rough crowd and let’s face it, they are not easily impressed.  Rob impressed us with his social, collaborative approach in the classroom and during these strange times.
Rob has a Monday Zoom call with his students to help provide structure for his class.  He also does challenges.  During our Stay at Home orders, Rob have a challenge: if 85% of the class participated in the week’s lessons, his students could choose his haircut.  The kids hit the goal and, by an extremely small margin, the Mohawk won out over the mullet.  Rob’s wife gave him a homemade mullet and his students loved it.
Despite an extraordinary amount of obstacles and huge life events (he was hospitalized for two months at the end of 2019 and he and his wife welcomed their second child), Rob has still found time to continue teaching his students and letting them know that he is listening to them.  Rob doesn’t just get the job done, he loves the job he’s doing.  Rob rocks.

We spoke with the person who nominated Rob.  Hear the call here.

We also spoke with Rob, of course! Hear the call here.