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How long did it take you to realize that everything your mother was saying was right? Check out this list that show you the exact age….

A new study posted by Female First reveals that 33 is the age when people finally admit that their mother was right about everything.

 82% of parents say things to their children that their parents said to them. They include ..

1. Money does not grow on trees (64%)
2. Wash your hands (54%)
3. Because I said so, that is why (53%)
4. Shut that door, were you born in a barn? (47%)
5. Have you brushed your teeth? (47%)
6. Do not eat that, you will spoil your dinner (45%)
7. Do not slam the door (45%)
8. Do you think I am made of money? (42%)
9. Go to your room (38%)
10. Who do you think you are talking to? (37%)