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Dee Snider had some very NSFW words for anti-maskers in a recent exchange on Twitter.

The exchange began with an account telling Snider, “I posted your photo with a mask on it on our Facebook page and hundreds of people started replying FU Dee.”

Snider then retweeted the comment and responded, “Yeah I know. They are all f—ing a–holes. If there is a God they will get covid and die. No, I’m not kidding. #ThinTheHerd”

A number of musicians have been very vocal about masks as of late including Paul Stanley who shared, “Day 2 in the studio finishing up Soul Station album and YES, We’re ALL wearing masks. We do it for our families, children, hospital workers, first responders and many more. Tragic that for some there’s no pandemic until it hits their home. Now we suffer the consequences.”


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