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Long time Detroit radio and TV host Jamie Samuelsen passed away over the weekend after a long battle with Colon Cancer. He was beloved by the city and everyone who had the pleasure of getting to know him… 

As we look back and remember Jamie’s life, there are a few tributes that stand out..First is the article from Bob Wojnowski who was a long time co-host with Jamie on the radio and Lions pregames.

“Jamie was so smart, and had the perfect smirk to go with his lethal deadpan humor. Here’s a dirty little secret: Jamie would help me every single week to come up with jokes for my college football picks column. Silly, right? It mattered to him because it mattered to me. He knew the right things to say, and how to make people feel better about their work.”

Here is Wojo’s full piece:

Wojo: Jamie Samuelsen brought out all the goodness, in radio and in life

He was so tired near the end, it hurt him to laugh. He had to fight for the energy just to fight the cancer, which was especially unfair. And yet until the final two weeks, he did his radio show, told stories with his friends, played with his kids and made everyone around him feel OK.


Here is the very powerful video from Dan Miller of Fox 2 who worked with Jamie a lot over the years:

Remembering 97.1 Radio Host Jamie Samuelsen

Family, friends, colleagues and others are mourning the loss of 97.1 Radio Host Jamie Samuelsen, who passed away on Saturday. Jamie was a mainstay at the roundtable on FOX 2 Sports and he was able to build an outstanding career with over 25-years of experience.

Jamie was part of the Detroit media for over 25 years and impacted lives of many during that time and it’s safe to say that impact will live on even after he is gone.