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There’s no denying that an election is on the way, and the Lions are pulling up their sleeves to help.

The Lions are joining forces Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on several initiatives to assist Detroit election operations and encourage Detroiters to get involved in the political process, according to Benson’s office.

“I am so proud that the Detroit Lions are the first NFL team in the country to announce their plans to dedicate their arena, staff and other resources to support our elections,” Benson said in a press release, adding that the incentive is also in conjunction with Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

“Their leadership comes at a crucial time for our democracy and will fill critical needs for our voters and the City of Detroit,” she added.

The Lions will be involved in the following ways. according to a statement from the team:

Host receiving boards at Ford Field on election night Tuesday, November 3

“Ford Field will play a direct role in protecting the integrity of Detroit’s elections and supporting the administration of the November 3 election by serving as a location where election workers will deliver ballots and equipment after precincts close to be secured in case needed after Election Day. Ford Field will host eight of the city’s 12 receiving boards, which are independent board”

Detroit Lions personnel to serve as Election Workers

“The Detroit Lions staff will be given Election Day as a paid day off to serve as election workers and assist in staffing Ford Field’s Election Day operations.”

Public Service Announcements

“The Detroit Lions will be featured in a series of PSAs aimed at voter education, with topics ranging from applying to vote by mail as well as “how to” videos to ensure ballots are filled out correctly and returned properly to be counted. Athletes, coaches, and other team personnel will also provide individual testimonies of why voting matters to them.”

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