A man is Nebraska is quite passionate about his cause of making sure that “boneless chicken wings” to get a more specific name.

At a Lincoln City Council meeting held on Monday (8/31) Ander Christensen advocated for “boneless chicken wings” to be given a new name because it’s confusing to children.

According to FOX 13 Christensen said at the meeting, “Lincoln has the opportunity to be a social leader in this country. We have been casually ignoring a problem that has gotten so out of control, that our children are throwing around names and words, without even understanding their true meaning. Treating things as though they’re normal.”

He continued, “I propose, that we as a city remove the…  name ‘boneless wings’ from our menus and from our hearts.”

He went to say, “Nothing about boneless chicken wings actually come from the wing of a chicken. Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders. We need to raise our children better. Our children are being raised, being afraid of having bones attached to their meat. That’s where meat comes from, it grows on bones. We need to teach them that the wing of a chicken comes from a chicken, and it’s delicious.”

Christensen even provided suggestions saying, “We can call them, ‘buffalo-style chicken tenders,’ we can call them ‘wet tenders,’ we can call them ‘saucy nugs’ or ‘trash.’ We can take these steps and show the country where we stand, and that we understand that we’ve been living a lie for far too long, and we know it, because we feel it in our bones.”

Once Christensen concluded his speech, a city council member who was present lowered his mask to respond, “I would like to just comment here. For the record, that’s my son.”