(Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

Halloween is on the way, and many people are asking, “Will we be able to do normal activities this Halloween?” The answer is a mixed bag.

Thankfully, The Henry Ford will is keeping their tradition going with its annual Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village, with some coronavirus restrictions in place.

The festival has been altered to stay in line with health guidelines, including closing daytime operations starting Oct. 5, The Henry Ford said in a release.

Instead of attendees following a walking path, as usual, they will walk freely with some of their favorite characters through the festival. Also new this year is the Hallowe’en Express, a themed train ride that takes visitors through Greenfield Village. Reservations will be required.

The Eagle Tavern Harvest Supper and the Hallowe’en Fairy Tale Feast will not be in service this year, due to coronavirus, but fall treats and beverages will be available.

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village will begin Oct. 8. For more information and to purchase tickets, go here.

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