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DETROIT - DECEMBER 13: Vehicles enter the United States from Canada across the Ambassador Bridge at a U.S. Customs port of entry December 13, 2004 in Detroit, Michigan. US-VISIT (United States Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator) biometric entry proceedures began today at the Detroit Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and is on schedule to deploy to the 50 busiest land ports of entry by December 31st. US-VISIT processing involves the collection of two index fingerscans and a digital photograph. Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Drifter Shoots is the name of an Instagram photographer who is sharing photos that are raising some concerns for people…

Drifter Shoots shared photos on his Instagram where he climbed and sat atop the Ambassador Bridge. But, it also is raising some questions about security and how he was able to get all the way up there.

“My motto is to the moon and never back” said Shoots

“I love my art and I try to keep it 100 percent pure and authentic and I want people to know it comes from a good place and a good heart,” he said.

People are wondering how he can get to the top of the Ambassador Bridge and other buildings without being detected?

“I would say that the security is excellent,” he said of the security on the Ambassador Bridge. “But, no I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about. I think the security there is excellent.”

Drifter Shoots’ Instagram account is full of photos from high above the earth’s surface. He has one picture taken in Chicago on top of the Vista Tower, and another picture over Times Square in New York. Another photo is in Detroit high atop the Penobscot building, over looking downtown.

“Good art makes you feel something,” he said. “My pictures might terrify some people. They might inspire other people, but as long as it moves something inside people I’ve done my job.”


Check out his Instagram for these wild but amazing photos:

I had forgotten the pristine smell of Michigan's open air as I blazed the highway towards Detroit. Alone again. Lost in thought, the drive seemed to melt away into the evening sky. I stopped at the skatepark alongside the bridge to practice my newest hobby, something to take the edge off before the night came. I called her and we jested, joking about how I couldn't get arrested or fall because I needed to see her beautiful smile one more time before I died or went to jail. I needed that. I turned on my police scanner, put my earbuds in and began to climb. The bridge was a maze and every attempt at a tower door proved futile. I soon found myself below the middle of the bridge, suspended somewhere between The United States and Canada. I saw a beam to my left with absolutely no support, just me, my balance and the open river below me. My spirit told me to go and I followed. To my delight when I emerged the cable was alongside me, as if my heart knew where to go all along. Semis passed overhead, hauling supplies across country borders, I waited for the perfect moment and struck. The next few minutes were something of a blur as I sprinted what felt like an eternity to the top of the bridge. I poked my head out to see the glowing "Ambassador Bridge" sign and smiled. I collapsed onto the platform and watched the clouds roll through the sky. Sunrise would come soon and I'd be more visible but I didn't care, with the stars above me and the rush of thundering trucks below me, everything I needed was right there. Detroit // Bridge climb. . . . #ontheroofs #chasing_rooftops #altassassin #killaframez #fatalframes #clickcity #depthobsessed #moodygrams #ourmoodydays #ourstreetdays #milliondollarvisuals #igkillers #urbanphotography #visualambassadors #instagood #streetninjas #citykillerz #citygrammers #illgrammers #streetvision #streetmobs #puremichigan #way2ill #agameoftones #igtones #heatercentral #artofvisuals #hypebeast #driftershoots

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