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Eddie Van Halen was more than just a great guitar player and he had other hobbies. Like classic cars, Eddie was a car collector. In fact just a few months ago WCSX reported on Eddie selling three of his vehicles including: a 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a 1970 custom Chevrolet Nova and a 1947 Dodge COE “Stake-Bed” Truck.

And did you know, Eddie used to race cars with Mick Jones from Foreigner?

“We had a good time together. We used to race cars after the sessions [recording Van Halen’s album, 5150]. We used to race a selection of high-end sports, racing cars and zoom along Mulholland,” Jones said. “I think Sammy [Hagar] had a red Ferrari. And I had a good old American car. And I have to say, I whipped him several times.”

Foreigner's Mick Jones Remembers Racing Cars With Eddie Van Halen While Making '5150'

Foreigner and Van Halen released their debut albums within a year of each other and both bands dominated the singles charts for years to come. So when Van Halen enlisted Foreigner guitarist and kindred spirit Mick Jones to produce 5150, their first record with Sammy Hagar singing, they knew they could trust him.

Check out this Van Halen tribute car.\

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Runnin' with the Devil: Eddie Van Halen Shreds Tires, Too

Peggy Sirota/Trunk Archive Update 10/6/20: Eddie Van Halen, musical director, lead guitarist, the band Van Halen's namesake, and an avid car collector, died today at age 65 after a long battle with lung cancer. His Lamborghini Miura is the revving car in the song "Panama" from the band's 1984 album.


Of course, you can’t forget that engine revving in Panama: