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(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Today marks the day in 1984 when the Tigers beat the Padres to win the World Series, but it was the fans who got the Tigers off to the start they needed…

Watch this throwback video from Tiger Stadium during the 1984 World Series.

As the Padres get introduced, the Tiger fans made it clear that they did not care!

Who can forget this memorable moment from the series where Sparky knew what would happen if they didn’t walk Gibson:

"Detroit Tigers" "Kirk Gibson" World Series Home Run Off "Goose Gossage" "You Don't Wanna Walk Him!" Kirk Gibson of the Detroit Tigers hits his famous 1984 World Series home run off of Goose Gossage of the San Diego Padres. Man...

You can’t forget the story about Jack Morris flying out of the stadium in a helicopter to get pizza for the boys!

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