(Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Oregon voters on Tuesday (Nov. 3) passed Measure 110, which moves to make Oregon the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

The passage, in essence, eliminates criminal penalties for the possession of small quantities of certain drugs by both adults and juveniles.

The decriminalization provisions are scheduled to take effect on Feb. 1.

Substance possession amounts that would result in fines for both adults and juveniles are below:

Heroin (1 gram or less).
Cocaine (2 grams or less).
Methamphetamine (2 grams or less).
MDMA/ecstasy (less than 1 gram or five pills).
LSD (less than 40 user units).
Psilocybin (less than 12 grams).
Methadone (less than 40 user units).
Oxycodone (less than 40 pills, tablets or capsules).

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