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399428 01: An elderly man walks past burnt-out remains of two cars following overnight rioting between Nationalists and Loyalists crowds January 10, 2002 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Rioting erupted as Catholic parents picked up their children from the Holy Cross girls'' primary school. . (Photo By Cathal McNaughton/Getty Images)
A family heirloom came in handy for an elderly man in Nile, Illinois earlier this week.
Dan Donovan used his family’s Irish walking stick to fight off burglars who were disguised as utility workers. The 81-year-old and former Marine was still barefoot when he chased the three suspects outside.
That walking stick was a shillelagh, which was actually typically used as a weapon.  It was his grandfather’s and dates all the way back to the 1800’s. Who knew how useful it would still be today!