Kevin M
Nominated by Carolyn C

My Brother has worked up to before pandemic and is winging it with bills. He has 2 daughters that a year ago lost their apartment and also recently had babies. Kevin is used to putting his kids first and I see he is struggling with stretching what little he is bringing in to provide for his bills with his condition he is limited what his body will let him do. Kevin was diagnosed with Lupus when the girls were 12. Though he works hard and when he can, it has been limited lately, adding to his struggle to pay for his prescription and I would love to see him have a couple bucks to breath for a minute and be rewarded for being not only best Dad and Grandpa ever, but to give him a reminder that there really are pay it forwards that exist in turn for being a good person who puts others 1st as he always has as a single Dad. Thank you for reading. I heard this on radio and thought of my Brother 1st.

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