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Thankfully the driver is doing well and recovering from what may be the most insane crash of the year in racing…

Romain Grosjean was racing in F1’s 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix when he got tangled up with another car and was left flying into one of the barricades.

As soon as the car hit it went up in flames and lucky Romain was able to escape the wreak with the help of the safety team.

Romain Grosjean Walks Away From Dramatic, Fiery Crash | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

Please be aware that there is some graphic footage included in this video. We are so incredibly thankful that Romain Grosjean was able to walk away from this...

SkySports F1 got to sit down with Romain over the weekend to talk about his crash, listen to how Romain describes the horrific crash and after: