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Congratulations to Southgate,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Southgate Factoids:

  • Southgate got its name from local guides describing it as the “south gate” or the south entrance to Metro Detroit area. The first resident was Pierre Micheal Campau, who moved there in 1795.
  • Southgate was originally a part of the Ecorse Township. It was officially incorporated as a city in October of 1958. It was the last city in the Ecorse Township to be incorporated.
  • Thomas Anderson became Southgate’s first mayor in 1958. Southgate Anderson High School was named after Thomas in 1982.
  • Jeff Jones was the Detroit Tigers Pitching coach from 2011-2015. Jeff attended Southgate High School. Jeff was the pitching coach for Justin Verlander’s first two no hitters!
  • Southgate currently houses the headquarters of The News-Herald, a local Downriver newspaper which covers over twenty surrounding communities.