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A 40-year-old guy in Ohio was playing guitar and singing loudly at 1:30 A.M. on Saturday, so one of his neighbors called the cops.  

The loud neighbor, Nathan Rock told them he couldn’t turn the volume down because, quote, “You can’t play Led Zeppelin quietly” . . . but they said he’d be charged with disorderly conduct if he did it again.

Rock apologized, explaining that he was “trying to practice singing as he intended on booking studio time in the near future to record an album.”

Unfortunately there is no audio of this but here is more on the story:

Ohioan Named Rock Warned Not To Rock

JANUARY 11--When Ohio cops questioned him about a neighbor's complaint that he was blasting music at 1:30 AM Saturday, Nathan Rock offered a justification, of sorts, for his rocking out. Rock, 40, explained that, "You can't play Led Zeppelin quietly," according to a police report.