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Congratulations to Mt. Clemens,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Mt. Clemens Factoids:

  • Mount Clemens was first surveyed in 1795 after the American Revolutionary War by Christian Clemens, who settled there four years later. Clemens and his friend, John Brooks, built a distillery, which attracted workers and customers, helping to settle the area. Brooks and Clemens platted the land, and the town was named after Clemens in 1818.
  • Historically, from 1873 to 1974, Mt Clemens largest industry was from tourism! They were home to mineral baths, drawn from springs that were scattered throughout the city. At the peak of the industry, the city had 11 bathhouses and several hotels related to this trade.
  • In 1904, Andrew Carnegie financed the The Anton Art Center which offers exhibitions of artwork by local, national and international artists.
  • Kid Rock started his career in Mt. Clemens by DJing at different bars and clubs.
  • The Carnegie Library building in Mount Clemens was erected in 1904 and was the first Carnegie Library that was built in Macomb County.  It is one of 1,681 such libraries across the United States that was financed by Andrew Carnegie, the industrialist and philanthropist.
  • The Crocker House, a restored 19th Century home operated by the Macomb County Historical Society showcases local historical exhibits throughout the year.