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Congratulations to Clawson,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Clawson Factoids:

  • Clawson was home to the Potowatomi, who were one of the many Native American tribes in the Detroit territory. They traded furs for goods for years with the French Canadians and English colonists.

  • Clawson’s motto is “Little City with a Big Heart.”

  • The city’s name is a misspelling of the surname of John Lawson, an early European-American settler. In 1829 it was originally known as Pumachug, likely derived from a Potowatomi term. It was incorporated as Clawson in 1921 and in 1940 it was incorporated as a city.

  • Some notable people from Clawson include athletes, Mark Cambell former Tight end for the New Orleans Saints, Tim Gleason defenseman for the Toranto Maple Leafs and Jon Jansen, a former Lion!

  • Clawson doesn’t just have athletes. Dan Scanlon is a director for Pixar! He directed Monsters University and Onward. Lou Cotton who is a musician in the band We Came as Romans.