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A one year old dog named Alfonso survived events that most humans wouldn’t be able to get through…

After run-ins with coyotes Alfonso spent four days in frigid temperatures, falling in the Detroit River and making it from metro Detroit onto floating river ice and then to a Canadian island.

Alfonso’s rescue was an international effort. It involved LaSalle Fire Services in Ontario, BASF Corporation and other local Downriver groups. It was Jude Mead of J&J Marine in Windsor, Ontario, who rescued Alfonso off of a Detroit River island Saturday afternoon.

Here is the report:

Dog rescued after 4 days stranded on frozen Detroit River

A dog was rescued from the frozen Detroit River after being stranded on ice for four days.

We spoke with Tim Epperly who was the on scene photographer during the rescue. Tim emailed us his story and photos from that day.

Tim told us, that he the photographer that was on site and saw the dog out on the ice on Wednesday and again on Friday. They sent out drones on Thursday and there was no sign of the dog. When he saw the dog on Friday, he was shocked to see it alive.

Tim “Finally, after several days, they were able to rescue him off the ice. It was amazing that the dog could endure the cold temps, especially since it did fall in the water before”