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Vans and American Coney are teaming up by selling a very special pair of Vans…

Check out these new Vans that are themed for American Coney Island.

Vans is doing a promotion called “Foot the Bill” that will help out a lot of small businesses including American Coney with these limited time shoes.

Vans says that all of the proceeds from the shoes will go directly to American Coney…

The Old Skool Customs FTB American Coney skateboard shoes are $95 a pair and the T-shirts, branded with Vans, are $30.

Vans will will produce up to 1,000 pairs of Custom Vans shoes and 250 T-shirts.

Go here to check them out and order!

Foot The Bill

Join us in supporting small businesses like American Coney Island during this challenging time by purchasing their limited-edition product. Through our “Foot The Bill” initiative, all net proceeds will go directly to them.

Posted by Vans on Monday, April 5, 2021