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Congratulations to Farmington Hills,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Farmington Hills Factoids:

  • Farmington Hills was first settled in 1824, with the first houses were built along what is now 11 Mile and Powers Road.  The settlement formed at the intersection of two American-Indian trails at what is now Shiawassee and Farmington roads.

  • The area was a well known stop for the Underground Railroad for African American people fleeing slavery before and during the Civil War.

  • Today Farmington Hills is a fast growing mix of quiet subdivisions of beautiful homes, major roads, luxury car dealerships, pristine nature parks and headquarters to big business.

  • The motto of Farmington Hills is “Faith in our future, Pride in our past”.

  • Farmington Hills is home to cutting edge Park West Art Gallery, Founder’s Sports Park, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Center and 6 golf courses!

  • Farmington Hills is the birthplace of Pam Dawber -actress (Mindy from Mork and Mindy!),  Chris Roberson –  NFL player, Chris Luongo – NHL player, Matt Shepard – Detroit Tigers Announcer