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Congratulations to Ann Arbor,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Ann Arbor Factoids:

  • Ann Arbor is a bustling university (University of Michigan) town, culinary hotspot, and a tech hub with a walkable downtown that includes world-class arts and culture.

  • Ann Arbor lies at the center of Washtenaw County. With so many thriving communities nearby, Ann Arbor has become a cultural melting pot and urban oasis.

  • Ann Arbor was founded in 1824, named for wives of the village’s founders, both named Ann, and the stands of bur oak trees.

  • The University of Michigan moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 1837, and the city grew at a rapid rate in the early to mid-20th century.

  • Ann Arbor is the home of Domino’s Pizza.

  • Hash Bash is an annual event held in Ann Arbor. Originally held every April 1st, but now on the first Saturday of April at noon on the University of Michigan Diag. A collection of speeches, live music, and occasional civil disobedience are centered on the goal of reforming federal, state, and local marijuana laws. The first Hash Bash was held on Saturday, April 1, 1972.

  • A person from Ann Arbor is called an “Ann Arborite”, and many long-time residents call themselves “townies”. The city itself is often called “A²” (“A-squared”) or “A2” (“A two”) or “AA”, “The Deuce” (mainly by Chicagoans), and “Tree Town”.
  • Musicians from Ann Arbor include: Bob Seger, Iggy Pop, Scott Morgan (The Rationals) and Commander Cody and his lost planet airmen (Hot Rod Lincoln).