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If you see this while driving on the freeway, switch lanes and speed up!

A woman is Wisconsin was caught on video driving down the freeway with the hood up and blocking the windshield.

Woman drives for miles on I-43 NB with hood up | FOX6 News Milwaukee

Keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel is good advice for any driver out on the road. After a scary scene on I-43 in Milwaukee Monday morn...


Here is the story from 94 in Detroit where a man was standing on the back of an SUV dancing and hanging off the side:

Video shows man hanging, dancing on back of SUV on 94 in Detroit

Video posted on Snapchat and then on Instagram shows a man dancing while hanging on to the back of an SUV on I-94 in Detroit. The video shows the man holding onto the luggage rack of the white SUV as the car heads east on I-94 in Detroit.