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Congratulations to Auburn Hills

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Auburn Hills factoids:

  • Auburn Hills has been known by three names over the years. It was first named after Auburn, New York. Then it was found out there was another Auburn in Michigan, and they changed the name to Amy in 1880. In 1919 the name was modified to Auburn Heights, and then they finally settled on Auburn Hills in 1983.
  • Auburn Hills is a unique mixture of Corporate Headquarters, such as  Stellantis, (formerly known as Daimler Chrysler) tier one automotive industry suppliers, retail shopping, parks, Oakland University, new subdivisions as well as older homes with barns and horses that call back to Auburn Hills’ rural past.
  • The Palace of Auburn Hills was completed in 1988. The first concert performance was by Sting. It was also home to The Pistons, The Vipers, Safari, Whalers, Rockers, Shock and Fury professional Sports teams. The last game at The Palace was played April 10, 2017 vs. The Washington Wizards. The Pistons lost 105-101. The Palace was finally demolished in July of 2020.
  • Downtown Auburn Hills is located at Auburn and Squirrel roads and is beautiful and unique.  Located along the Clinton River, the downtown area features brick-paved sidewalks, a riverside park, a variety of businesses and restaurants. Summerfest is back in downtown Auburn Hills this year and starts Friday June 25th.